Kitchen Special Offers

9 Doors

1 Drawer Pack

Choice of wood finishes

Cad Kitchen.jpg




Choice of wood finishes:


(All styles are available in each colour)

 1. Ivory PVC    2. Cream PVC    3. Dark Walnut PVC    4. Lissa Oak PVC    5. Beech PVC
Ivory PVC  1.JPG     Cream PVC 2.JPG    Dark Walnut PVC 3.JPG    Lissa Oak PVC 4.JPG     Beech PVC 5.JPG


Choice of worktops: 

 1. Black Slate


 2. Coffee Granite


 3. Bronze Patina 


 4. Dark Walnut Black


 5. Light Walnut Black 

Worktops1.JPG     Worktops2.JPG    Worktops3.JPG    Worktops4.JPG     Worktops5.JPG

Choice of handles: 

1. T-Bar
(Brushed Steel)  
(Also available in black)


 2. Chunky D
(Brushed Steel) 
(Also available in black)


 3.  Traditional D (Black) 


 4. Bronze Thumb Latch
(Also available in black)


5. Plain Knob
(Brushed Steel)
(Also available in black)

Handle1.JPG     Handle2.JPG    Handle3.JPG    Handle4.JPG     Handle5.JPG


Taps and Sinks: 

Single Bowl Sink


 Lever Tap





Single Bowl Sink.JPG     Lever Tap.JPG                

Standard fixtures and fittings


Alternative doors, handles, worktops and other extras available at an additional cost.

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